6 graphic novels that seek to recognize the victims of the armed conflict

One of the objectives of the Truth Commission is to promote and contribute to the recognition of the armed conflict victims in Colombia, and recognize them as citizens whose rights were violated. This recognition exercise seeks to evolve into truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition. However, there is an fundamental and substantial point in this search: navigating through the facts, learning the story as it happened, and, above all, approaching the victims’ stories. The Truth Commission has carried out important recognition processes that precisely evidence the events that occurred in the context of the conflict. Out of those processes, 12 graphic novels were born: fictional stories that are based on testimonies and interventions of victims, perpetrators, accompanying organizations and institutions that participated in the so-called Encounters for Truth.

Click+Clack developed 6 of those novels during a complex, interesting, reflective, and creative process. For the creative team behind this project, the novels meant a chance to hear those voices that narrate testimonies laden with pain and truth. “We took the testimonies and all the material that the Commission gave us and turned it into stories that convey the most human part of the narratives, without leaving aside what each victim has to say about the conflict and the implications it had in their lives. All those things that are not evident to those who have not suffered the conflict directly,” says Diana Ospina Obando, author of the 6 novels. Today, those novels that translate the ravages of war into sensitive but relatable narrations become a necessary input to open relevant conversations about our history both at home and in the classroom.

1. La fuerza de la tierra / The Strength of the Earth (See novel)

Based on testimonies from the Encounter for Truth #ElCampoCuentaLaVerdad, which recognized the effects and impact of the armed conflict on the campesino population.


La fuerza de la tierra


It seeks to unveil the crime of enforced disappearance in the context of Colombia’s internal armed conflict.


Sin descanso


Recognition of the dignity of women and LGBTQ victims of sexual violence in the Colombian armed conflict.


Mi cuerpo dice la verdad


Based on the Contribution to Truth and Recognition of Responsibilities by Rodrigo Londoño and Salvatore Mancuso.


Un camino hacia la verdad


Graphic novel based on the recognition of extrajudicial executions in Colombia.


Hasta que honremos la vida


Graphic novel based on the recognition process called ‘The armed conflict in universities: generations that do not give up’.


Generaciones que no se rinden

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