Click+Clack, Education in emergencies

Can having or not having shoes affect the educational trajectory of boys and girls?

Could something like the use of shoes and uniforms affect the educational trajectory of boys and girls? Could not having shoes be an emergency? This blue-tinted image was the product of a reflection around the rejection or discrimination that occurs when a student has or does not have shoes and school uniform. Having shoes on a place like La Guajira is a privilege; it’s a necessary tool to protect your feet in the middle of the long walks that must be endured to get to school. Uniforms, on the other hand, are also a privilege that not all boys and girls can access, and many are paid by teachers. Using them creates an identity.

The photo of these girls in uniform and shoes, taken within the framework of the emergency education project that we are implementing with Unicef Colombia, is evidence of gaps that, in addition to situations such as floods and lack of infrastructure, generate barriers to learning, barriers to security, identity, equality and the well-being of students.