Al aire con Enrique

Remote learning programs offer the possibility of continuous learning, but most of these programs are designed for environments with high resources and stable internet connectivity. Moreover, migrant children and families are affected not only by the lack of connectivity, but also by a crisis that in many ways hinders their access to stable and quality education. Added to this are other problems such as emotional gaps or violence typical of the migratory context.

The radio program Al Aire con Enrique was created to address these challenges, support the remote learning of migrant families and develop social-emotional skills in children and adolescents between 6 and 12 years of age with low or no connectivity. This radio series places special emphasis on the emotional and cognitive needs of children, migrant relatives and host communities in social integration, the development of resilience and adaptation skills, the prevention of violence, among other topics.

The program integrates songs, humor, games, social-emotional learning challenges, self-care messages, and news. It is based on the stories of a group of diverse animals that seek to grow individually and collectively while they overcome the challenges of living together in a fictional natural space called La Aldea.

Impact: Through RCN Radio, the program, Al Aire con Enrique, reached 900,000 listeners in Colombia and Venezuela.

Partners: International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Lego Foundation, RCN Radio.

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