Generaciones que no se rinden

Universities, particularly public ones, have not been oblivious to Colombia’s changes and transformations. On the contrary, different conflicts and tensions have become visible, turned into reflections of the country and, often, places of struggle and resistance severely attacked and stigmatized. Insurgent groups, the State and the paramilitaries have carried out different types of violence against students, professors and university workers, and have turned these spaces into battlefields crossed by different forces and tensions. Therefore, universities, which are places where education opens doors and allows deliberation and the exercise of democracy, have been overshadowed by the presence of violence and authoritarianism, so alien to their spirit.

Although it is a fictional story, this graphic novel is based on real facts taken from the courageous testimonies of the Encounter for Truth ‘The armed conflict in universities: generations that do not surrender’, carried out at the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), on September 2nd, 2021, in Bucaramanga. We are grateful to the victims who raised their voice during this process of recognition and to those responsible who, in this space, recognized their participation in the armed conflict and, in particular, in the events exposed during the meeting. Graphic novel made for the Truth Commission.

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