Juégatela por el Pacífico

The ecosystems of the Colombian Pacific have been deteriorating at high speed in recent years. The development of certain population centres has brought pollution and litter to many of the region’s watersheds and the sea. The community development efforts of USAID and Fondo Acción in the Pacific needed to be complemented by pedagogical tools that would enable communities to become partners in the protection of fauna, flora, and their territory.

This box is a response to this problem. It contains 7 games that allow children and adults to learn about their environments and think about what they can do to preserve it, all while having fun. These games have simple dynamics and are easy to appropriate. Therefore, they become community tools for the conservation of the territory, and a pedagogical material for teachers and facilitators in both formal and non-formal areas of education. Each of these games responds to a specific pedagogical objective: identify the species of a territory and their characteristics, understand the relationships between the species of flora and fauna as well as with humans, change behaviors and create positive habits towards the environment.

Impact: 10 communities reached on the Colombian Pacific coast.

Partners: Fondo para la Acción Ambiental y la Niñez (Fondo Acción)

Type of creation: