La Aldea UNICEF: Back to School Education Strategy

In 2021, a new challenge comes to the country’s schools: the return to school. After a year of distance education due to the pandemic, teachers face the need to recover the learnings lost during lockdown. In addition, there is a need to strengthen students’ social-emotional education and resilience, generate cross-cutting strategies to boost educational quality after a critical period, and integrate families into learning processes.

In order to face the return to class, Unicef Colombia and Click+Clack launch an accompanying strategy to get back to school after the pandemic. The strategy included the delivery of a new book from La Aldea, La Aldea: Historias para un mundo en transición, along with multimedia contents, and face-to-face and virtual training aimed at teachers for the appropriation and use of the material.

Impact: Between September and December 2021, ClickArte distributed 55,274 books La Aldea: Historias para un mundo en transición. 53,244 were distributed to boys and girls, 1,947 to teachers and 83 to PTA tutors. In addition, 1,435 teachers were trained under the strategy.

Partners: UNICEF Colombia

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