Tranqui- La mente

Tranqui – La mente seeks to promote integral well-being in the educational communities of Barranquilla. The strategy was designed for the District Education Secretariat of Barranquilla and is aimed at students, teachers, families and caregivers. Through this strategy, several tools were made available to teachers in order to promote social-emotional learning and strengthen social-emotional skills in the community.

Tranqui – La mente included a toolkit containing: a log filled with situations, exercises and orientations, a card game, audiovisual content, and a signage kit for body activities. The use and appropriation of these tools was carried out through training processes led by the Click+Clack team.

With Tranqui-La Mente we reached 50 educational institutions, benefiting 2,000 teachers, 2,500 students and 2,500 attendees.

Impact: More than 9,142 teachers, attendees and students impacted in 50 Educational Institutions in the city.

Allies: Barranquilla District Education Secretariat

Type of creation: