“I imagine that boys and girls will identify with the characters”

Click: What is the best thing about La Aldea?

Mayra Reyes: The training processes with La Aldea are very fun, but the most important thing is that they are designed so that we can implement them with our students.

The activities and resources are very good. Not only visual and auditory skills are developed, but the emotional part is also worked on. In addition there is a very clear connection, because it is what we live both as teachers and students. That is what meaningful learning is. Additionally, the areas are related since topics that allow this connection are addressed. In this way, it is easier for boys and girls to learn, understand and relate to it.

C: Do you plan to implement La Aldea in the Buena Esperanza Technical Institution?

MR: We are going to implement La Aldea in 2022. The teachers at my campus, who are from 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, are going to meet to work together with our students, and build a great project. This is how they proposed it to us in the training sessions and we know that other institutions have done it and it has given them very good results.

C: The book of La Aldea speaks of a return to being present, of a world in transition. Is this common thread still valid?

MR: Although the book talks about the return to presence in a world that is in transition, now that we are definitely back in the classroom, the activities are still valid. Last year less than half of the students entered, now they will enter with full enrollment. So now all the boys and girls will be able to get involved and we will be able to share all the experiences of La Aldea. I imagine that they will feel identified with the characters, just as we teachers identify with the situations and characters.

Interview with Mayra Alejandra Reyes
Good Hope Technical Institute (Cúcuta)
Teacher of natural sciences and social sciences