How to talk about the armed conflict with young people? This book has what you need!

1. Guerra a voces (Voiced War) is a book and an audiobook which shares the voices of those who lived the armed conflict in Colombia on a daily basis. Their stories, decisions and dilemmas are reflected in each chapter.

2. The book has 11 stories from campesinos, soldiers, landowners, guerrillas, leaders, youth and paramilitaries, who share their experiences and allow us to understand the complexity of this war. The compilation of archives, interviews, and testimonies of each of the actors in the conflict was the basis for creating the book.

3. Each sound, voice, and story helps adults and young people to be reflected in the narrators’ testimonies. In that sense, the book goes beyond a reading exercise and becomes a listening and appropriation experience.

4. It is aimed at young people and adults, and seeks to incite conversations at home and in the classroom about what happened in the context of the armed conflict in Colombia.

5. It is accompanied by creative, investigative and analytical challenges that seek to delve into the contexts of the stories and generate an exercise in dialogue and reflection. The pedagogical intention of these challenges is to explore the central topics of each of the stories and shed light on the reflections and dichotomies around war. In addition, it evidences how each of the voices narrates their circumstances, and shares their dilemmas, fears and decisions.

6. Pedagogy is oriented for grades 9, 10 and 11 within the Chair of Peace. Particularly, it seeks to contribute to the reflection on education for peace and culture of peace. FIND THE PEDAGOGY HERE.

Do you want to talk about the armed conflict in the classroom or at home? Find the book HERE.