A Fight for Life

Bringing young people and adults closer to the country’s recent history and victimizing events has become a necessity, especially since the publication of the Truth Commission’s Final Report. One of these events is the return of aerial spraying of illicit crops with glyphosate in Colombia, a fact that brings back the debate about its implications for the health of campesino communities. This discussion is rarely explored from a gender angle or under the lens of women’s reproductive health and sexual rights.

The graphic novel A Fight for Life was created along with the Center for Reproductive Rights. It was based on the case of a woman named Yaneth Valderrama. This novel was a valuable opportunity to highlight the serious consequences that glyphosate spraying had on the civilian population. Its goal is to raise awareness about the effects of this herbicide and the violation of the reproductive rights of rural women in Colombia. In addition to the novel, a website with pedagogical resources as well as the animated version of the novel was created.

Allies: Center for Reproductive Rights

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