La Aldea UNICEF: Education Strategy During Covid-19

On March 16, 2020, the national government announced the total closure of the country’s educational institutions. The education system was not prepared for distance education and teachers did not have agile and flexible methodologies to deal with the situation. Locked in their homes, children from all over the country were confronted with confinement and lockdown, which caused a high social-emotional impact on them and their families.

On April 2, 2020, Click+Clack and UNICEF Colombia launched La Aldea: Historias para estar en casa, an emergency education strategy that sought to promote skill development in the areas of critical reading, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and citizenship. This strategy promoted the design of cross-cutting projects that were based on social-emotional development and that addressed issues relevant to each community. This cross-platform curriculum was composed of 2 books, 232 activities, 3 songs, 5 videos, 7 audiobooks, 6 radio programs and 2 resource repositories in Google Classroom for teachers and training processes.

Impact: In 2020, the two books of La Aldea were amongst the most distributed in Colombia: 112,054 books were sent to students who still had little or no connectivity and were able to continue with their educational processes. In addition, 2,631 were tutored (888 hours) and accompanied in the implementation of the strategy.

Partners: UNICEF Colombia

⭐️HundrED and the IDB selected La Aldea UNICEF among 400 strategies as one of the 15 most scalable and impactful educational innovations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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