Mi Viaje

The book Mi Viaje was created in partnership with UNHCR. It was developed as a tool for protection, accompaniment and reflection for children who are migrating to Colombia. It is a playful and informative resource for children who have had to flee their homes andt that have crossed a border, particularly refugees, asylum seekers or those who have returned to Colombia.

The book seeks to be a window for the imagination. It is customizable and aims to be a source of entertainment for children while they settle in a new place. In addition, it is transformed into an object with which you can decorate your environment and feel at home. As they complete the activities, children have fun, think, create, but above all, they find a refuge to express themselves and find some relief. Through art, children take ownership of their new reality, transform it, and, in the process, learn about their rights while having fun.

Impact: More than 5,000 children have implemented the strategy together with their families.

Partners: UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

Type of creation: